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Plexus International 1985

Purgatorio Show ‘85, New York,  17 July 1985, at C.U.A.N.D.O., 9 Second Avenue, New York, with the participation of 350 artists, a 3 hours event, with simultaneous performances and art instalaltions all over the entire 5 floors .

A large community art event dedicated to his dream to escape through art from time and gravity.

It was conceived as an open call for a cultural community house in the Lower East Side, dedicated to Ralston Farina.

First Plexus Art Opera Goya Time, 1985, New York, 13 June 1985,at C.U.A.N.D.O, 9 Second Avenue, New York, a multi artforms event, made by three collaborative pieces: La Maja by Gretta Safarty; Los Capricios by Butch Morris and Time a Way to Fly by Sandro Dernini. More than 80 artists participated, among them there were musicians, poets, singers, dancers, actors and visual artists. The art opera was a compression of actions, historical references, metaphors, symbols and people...

On January 16 of 1985, Angiola Churchill, co-director of the International Center for Advanced Studies in Art at New York University and chairperson of the NYU Department of Art and Art Education, invited Sandro Dernini to have for her NYU course Art  & Ideas a lecture entitled: The Artist in the First Person.

From The Artist in the First Person by Sandro Dernini:

“The artist in the first person” means an artist without mediators. This lecture is made as a direct dialogue between artists and audience.

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