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Plexus International 1993

On October 13 of 1993, in New York, at the Nuyorican Poets Café, in the Lower East Side, The Repatriation of Art into the Community was performed by Sandro Dernini, Franco Meloni,  Rolando Politi,  Anna Saba,  Antonello Dessi,  Patricia Nicholson Parker,  Annamaria Janin,  Giovanna Caltagirone,  Andrea Portas, David Boyle. It was made as a ritual procession conducted by Jose Rodriguez who carryied a copy of Mickey Pinero's American Indian chief statuette of the Nuyorican Poets Cafè that at the end of the procession met the original statuette, hold by Louis Griffith at the center of the stage of the Cafè, as a recall of the 1984 In order to Survive Call made in front to the Shuttle Theatre against the gentrification of the Lower East Side.

From November 3  to 15 of 1993, at the NYU Rosenberg Gallery, it was held The Living Plexus Black Box of “The Voyage of the Elisabeth, the last Plexus art event to be inquired by Sandro Dernini within the time limitation of his Ph.D. study. This event took the form of a two weeks Atelier des Arts  performance, curated by Frank Pio and Sandro Dernini. The two weeks of Plexus events at the Rosenberg Art Gallery tested the possibility to develop further some already existing channels of communication with cultural and artists organizations in the Lower East Side...

On October 12 of 1993, on the Columbus Day, at St. John Divine Cathedral in New York, it was staged  The 1993 Columbus-Marconi Open Call for the Well Being in the XXI Century, as an art event calling support for the organization in 1995 of the 2° Well Being Reconciliation Forum, on the occasion of the Marconi’s 100  Years Radio Celebrations. It was performed by Sandro Dernini, Maria Pia Marsala, Miguel Algarin, Lorenzo Pace, Patricia Parker, Joanee Freedom, David Boyle, Alfa Diallo, Jose Rodriguez, Giorgetta Stonefish, Andrea Grassi, Franco Meloni, Anna Saba, Antonello Dessi, Guido Pegna and Andrea Portas.

In October of 1993, in New York, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the 1992 Columbus Reconciliation Forum, Franco Meloni, Anna Saba, Antonello Dessi, Guido Pegna, Alessandra Menesini, Andrea Portas, Annamaria Janin, Giovanna Caltagirone, Amat di Salfilippo (from the family that hold the Colombina boat) arrived from Sardinia. The Dean of the School of Sciences of the University of Cagliari, prof. Francesco Corongiu, was with them for a series of meetings at NYU and with the International Well Being and Reconciliation Committee.

On July 1 of 1993, it was held at the NYU Rosenberg Gallery the final exhibition of the Summer Institute Cultural Navigation: The Lower East Side”, directed by David Ecker, with students' presentations, among others, of Frank Pio, Luis Vergara, Perry Parker and Sandro Dernini with the participation of Lower East Side artists Linus Coraggio, The Rivington School, Rolando Politi, Alfa Diallo,  who had interacted with students activities. In the early 1993,  David Ecker had invited Sandro Dernini to join him for his Ph.D. study in the development...

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