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Plexus International 2004

From November 29 to December 5 of 2004, the Erosions and Renaissance Show Act 2 was organized by Culture Lab at the Grainery Lane Theatre, in Ballarat (Victoria), as part of the Eureka Rising Rebel Festival. The Act 2 was addressed to raise attention on the erosion of a sacred Aboriginal ground in the Maroota Plateau, in the Blue Mountains. A number of large horizontal and vertical panels displayed more then 160 A3 colour photocopies of artworks and texts from around the world. A slideshow on a computer screen presents 50 more works...

From May 29 to June 8 of 2004, at the Municipality of the Medina, Dakar, on the occasion of the 2°Triangle of Art Festival, within the DakArtOff section of the Biennale of Contemporary African Art, it was launched the Erosions and Renaissance Show. It purpose was to raise attention of the increased sea erosion of the Door of No Return of the House of the Slaves in Goree, as symbol of the “erosion” of humankind memory as well of all other forms of erosions, from biodiversity to human rights, increasing in the living planet...

From May 29 to June 7 2004, at  the Medina of Dakar, Senegal, Plexus International presents the Second Art Festival Le Triangle de l’Art”, within  the DakArtOff section of the Biennale of Contemporary African Art. The Second Triangle of Art  Festival, against the today art world market slavery and globalization process, creating new forms of slavery, has the aim to highlight the role of the artist in the community as a keeper of a living archive against cultural, social and economic black out to resist the time-space erosion of our history...

On May 26 of 2004, at the Studio Marsi, in San Lorenzo, Rome, it was held a fund raising evening promoted by Roberto Federici in support to the art workshop Erosions organized  in the Medina of Dakar by Plexus Intenational within the 2° Triangle of Art Festival, from May 29 to June 7 of 2004, within the DakArtOff. It was organized by Roberto Federici, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Micaela Serino, Luisa Mazzullo, Sandro Dernini, Giorgio Fiume, Valerio Immi, Eleonora del Brocco, Ernesto Stalkern.

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