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Plexus International 1994

From November 25 to December 3 of 1994, in Cagliari, Andrea Portas organized with Rolando Politi the art show “S.O.S. Sardegna Open Space. Out of Gallery into the Gallery”, where Sandro Dernini was invited to present  the Plexus Black Box. At the Gallery La Bacheca,  it was staged  individual art projects by Rolando Politi, Jorge Luis Rodriguez, Andrew Castrucci; and the collective art projects “Your House is Mine” by Book & Street project 1988-1992; “International Art Summit” by 2° Art+Walk – 10on8 N.Y.C. 1994; and “ Packaged Goods” an exhibition of artist made packaged objects.

On June 6 - 19 of 1994, at the Cittadella dei Musei, in Cagliari, it was held the event Art & Science Today: The Role of Imagination. It was organized by the University of Cagliari, in collaboration with the Dept. of Art and Art Professions and the Dept. of Music and Performing Arts of New York University, the College of Visual and Performing Arts of Northern Illinois University, the ISALTA International Society for the Advancement of Living Traditions in Art, the International Well Being and Reconciliation Committee and Plexus International...

The art education PhD. study was started by Sandro Dernini in 1986, at the New York University Art and Art Professions Dept. It had the purpose to provide an aesthetic interpretation of "Plexus Black Box" as well as a comprehensive historical account of  Plexus activities. The NYU PhD. Dissertation Committee was made by David W. Ecker (chairperson), Angiola Churchill and John V. Gilbert. The assumption of the inquiry, was that a more participatory process of understanding of community-based art experiences was invaluable in developing local and global alternative...

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