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Plexus International 1985
Purgatorio Show 1985 New York

In June of 1985, Leonard Horowitz, Arleen Schloss, Willoughby Sharp, Albert DiMartino and Sandro Dernini, decided at Willoughby Sharp studio to commemorate Ralston Farina’ death by organizing a large community art event dedicated to his dream to escape through art from time and gravity.

It was conceived as an open call for a cultural community house in the Lower East Side. The event Purgatorio Show ‘85, New York, dedicated to Ralston Farina and produced by W.A.S. Inc., opened on July 17, at C.U.A.N.D.O. with the participation of 350 artists. It was presented by Plexus, and conceived by Sandro Dernini with associated producers Ray Kelly and Ivy Winick.

Simultaneous performances occupied the entire 5 floors building of C.U.A.N.D.O., including the ruined basement, the dry Olympic size swimming pool and the sidewalk. 350 artists transformed for three hours the community centre into a cultural art adventure, billed as The Artificial Time of the Purgatorio Show ‘85 New York. All participants expressed a great range of personal visions and aesthetic commitment towards the survival of the Lower East Side community.  One of the common denominators was that the current East Village art explosion had to be enjoyed not only by the wealthy uptown patrons, but also by  the local community and by the artists of  the Lower East Side neighbourhood.  The event started from the sidewalk on Second Avenue, where David Boyle and his Outstanding Renewal Enterprises (O.R.E.) placed the Purgatorio of the homesteaders. Responding to the gentrification  of the Lower East Side, in the long hallway and in the large lobby, before the gym entrance, there was an exhibition addressed to the plight of the homeless and a collection of signatures for a petition by L.A.N.D. (Local Action for Neighbourhood Development) in support of the homesteader movement in the Lower East Side. Dedicated to Ralston Farina’s TimeArt, the CUANDO space was divided in different Time Areas.  At the entrance from Second Avenue, it was performed MoneyTime. There, 99 cents were charged as admission fee. A painted yellow penny, like a piece of money art, was given back for change against one dollar. In the Chapel, it was staged Contemplative Time, an art installation of Franco Ciarlo, and Learning Time: The Future of C.U.A.N.D.O., a panel with Willoughby Sharp as moderator of many short presentations by:  Bruce Richard Nuggent on From Harlem 1926 to Now; Carlos Diaz on Why C.U.A.N.D.O.?; Mohammed on University of the Streets; Max Hardeman on Shelters for People; Paul J. Goldstein on N.D.R.I.; Maxim Felix Camillo on The Family Theatre; Kyong on Storefront for Art and Architecture; Saint Mark’s Women on Health Cooperative; Cristobal Senior on The Trade Off of Art; Jemeel Moondoc on The Lower East Side Community Music Workshop; David Boyle on Barbarian Historia; Willoughby Sharp on Artificial Intelligence; Leonard Horowitz on The Voice; Nilde Cortez on C.U.A.N.D.O. is Now; Wess Power on No Moon on July 17, 1985; Eve Vaterlaus on Nude in Watercolor; Billy Bang on String Instruments; Tessa Huxley on Green Gorillas Gardens; Arleen Schloss on New Language; Yuri Karpalov on Seven Loaves; Sandro Dernini on Mephistopheles Artist in the First Person; Karen Yager on How to Catalogue Contemporary Art.


In the huge gym, there was Body Machine Time curated  by Arleen Schloss and Moving Time and Before and After Time made by installations and performances along staircases among all 5 floors. Eros Time, Alien Time, Electric Time and Fluxus Time was in the basement,  while Time Now for Ralston was in the dried swimming pool, where Eve Varterlaus installed a large photo exhibition. George Chaikin exposed a large copy of his Haddamard Matrix dedicated to Ralston Farina. In the roof  was placed Time suspended in Air and in the courtyard there was Onion Time by Hanne Laurdisen, where also Amir Bey, Fabio della Sala and Wess Power measured the time of No Moon in the time of New York July 17, 1985. 


Participant artists were: Ralston Farina. John Rocchio, Tessa Huxley, Saint Mark's Women's Health Cooperative, Billy Sleaze, Ruben Lopez, Kyong, L.A.N.D., Max Hardeman, Frank Shiffreen, Stephen DiLauro, Rolando Briseno, Fred Floyd, Johnny Edward,  Georgine Lopez, Franco Ciarlo, Bacha Plewinska, Russel Epprecht, Lindy Well, Luis Batances, Cadets Of Cuando, Tracy Sherman, Landy Wells. Vincent Group., The Sophist, Cemi Art Folklorico Puertoricana, Jose Rolon, Richard Geigel, Gilberto Reyes, Stevie Flores, Kathleen & William Laziza, Richard Heisler, Hillary Mostert, Adam Noildt, Michele Siboun, Peter Cummings, Christa Gamper, Solvig, Casa Nada, Anita Steckel, Jill Fleischman, Lynne Kanter, Nancy Aacron, Grady Alexis, George Reynolds, Joe Strand, Teresa, Christofia,  Sophy Pujedet, Patsy Parker, William Parker, Jemeel Moondoc, Richard Bruce Nuggent, Greta Sarfaty, Ray Kelly, Ken Hiratsuka, Eric Miller and Company, Alan Saret, Butch Morris, Henry Threadgill, Maya Eizen, Katie Sutphin, Eddie Tafel, Chris Ieexa, Silka X, Peter Honchaurk. Steve Hugglund, Mike Zwicky, Penelope Wehrli, Lairice Persica, Orski Drozi, Charles Alleroft, Eve Teitelbaum, Andy Somma, Leslie Lowe, Rip Hayman, Martin Wheeler, Eve Vaterlaus, Inghild Karlsen, Yakya Alail-Majial, Doctor Hart, Steve Mill Fein, Amanda Marr, Aekim Knispel, Marcel Fieve, Ken Montgomery, Katie O'looney, Tepi Rosen, Eli Alli, Mitch Corber, Aigar Kildiss, Gretta Soke, Howie Solo, P.Michael Keane,  Sharon Take, Jan Schmidt, J.D. Rage, Krzysztos Zarebski,  Krystyna Jachniewicz, Jared Shithead, James Oliver Jones Jr., Sachie Akizawa, Brian Bacchiocchi, Henry Benvenuti, Felix Campos, David Channon, Sandra Clothier, Aurora Corteses, Michael Coulter, Carla Davis, Ronnie Farley, Richard Gins, Lauen Hancher, Leonard Horowitz, Sonia Irizarry, Eric Johnson, Chieni Kawshima, James Nares, Ashim Kinspel, Melinda Levokove, Ramu Lunda, Buddy Mailander, Jerry Pagane, Lizz Paris, Teppi Rosen, Salvador Rosillo, Angel Ibanez, Andy Smith, Diane Spanagona, Wolfgang Staehle, Barbra Yoshida, Francis Alenikoff, Maria Cutrona, Gloria Mclean, Yves Musard, Myrna Renaud, Viola Viscardi, Enos, Katie Korngold, Storme Webber, S.A. Martin, M. Spencer Richards, Jim Wasserman, Rob Brown, Charles Compo, Feron Dolce. John E. Edwards, Ronnie Farley, Haki Jami, Jasper Mcgruder, Sally Whit, Judy Stewart, Leo Panar, Margot Leverett, Steve Wodson, Mark Wolf, Matt Shipp, Peggy Yunque, James Gill, Dragon Illic, Ricardo Geigel, Nisei Goju, Ruju Doju, Foster Perry, David Brill. Arnold Wechsler, Louis Lopes, Carlton Bright, Marilyn Minter, Calvin Thompson, Sheldon Moskovici, Robert Bery, Ivan Jensen, Mindy Gluck, Nancy Sullivan, Isak Ladegrad, Willy Van Derlinden, Frank Rabino, Nicola Naimo, Ellen Levine, Patrice Lorentz, Habib Tiwoni, Marcel Fieve, Suzanne Halvorson, Hope Martin, Lilliana Luboya, David Hatchet, Curtis Woods, Jeanie Bruno, Grady Alexis, Frederick Kohl, Penny Ward, Sybil Goldstein, Miguel Ferrando, Cindy Luggery, Bri Hurley, Bonnie Van Allen, Joe Alfredo, Noel Mapstead, Ken Montgomery, Jim C., Margarite Massa, Brian Goodfellow, Margaret Bazura, Felix Mckennedy, Shindy Henry, Ebba Elander, Ken Hiratsuka, Michael Carter, Sarina Bachino, Bill Rabinowitz, Orsina Sforza, Tod Evan, Ronnie Farcey. Christof Kohlhofer. James Romberger, Mara Leader, Geoff Gilmore, Michael Ross, Takao Saito, Red Spot, Alex Pinkerson, Tom Warren, Dave Gesualdi, Melva Max, Vesna Golubovic, Michael Ron, Andre Roskovich, Robert Arson, Patrice Thompson,  Martin Wong, Takako Azuma,  Niko Smith, Amy Paskin, Maya Eizen, Maureen Eckert, Alex Rottner, Michael Carter, Selwyn Garraway, Albert De'pas, Shuder Henry, Linus Corragio, Mark Kostabi. Liz and Val, Dean Benesh, Swieta Barrinko, James Daglish, Gregor Hanoyok, Bernd Naber, Fredda Mekul, Matte Madsen, Mekki Schmitt, Mona Schmitt, Arturo Lindsay, Ken Hirayuma,  Ken Hiratsuka, Antoine Desparchis, Manada Ma,  Nikki Ma,  Pamela Kladzyh, Cris And Homo, Conrad Vogel, Diane Dunbar, Luca Pizzorno, Robert Parker, Joseph Nechvatal, Rhys Chatham, Bradley Eros, Aline Mare, Anne Jepsen, Tenesh, Amir Bey, Fabio Della Sala, Wes Power, Snuky Tate, Hanne Laurdisen, Sandro Dernini, R.T. Livingston, George Chaikin, Ellen Christi, Mark Hooper, Willem, Samoa, Julius Klein, Dave Street, Luis Tropia, R.T., Yuri Karpalov, Colin De Land, Nina Connolly, Vincent Chancey, Judy Levy, Alpha And Omega Dance, Taher Shafie, The Family Theatre, Maxim Felix Camillo, Arleen Schloss,  Kali Susan Faistenau, Melody D'arnell, Dana Simon, Susan Britton, Zwicky Hagglum, R.V. Ardsol, Al Dimartino,  Willoughby Sharp, Courtney Harmel, Sal Frinzi, Paul Fanfarillo, Richard Milone, Dab And Angela, Angela Maclean, Debbie Crowell, Suckcess, Regina Smith, Chief Nelson Oceundy.