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Plexus International 2002

On December 10, 2002, in Rome, Outside the Colosseum, it was performed  The Alphabet of Peace, an art happening against the war, that was created before at the Academy of Fines Art by the students. Participants Gianpaolo Berto, Nato Frascà, Roberto Maria Federici, Massimo Bagarotto, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Eleonora del Brocco, Pilar Castel, Egisto Catalani, Annamaria Chio, Stefano Cossu, Giovanna Dalla Chiesa, Franca D’Angelo, Sandro Dernini, Karen Elliot,  Marco Fioramanti, Giorgio Fiume, Melo Franchina, Valerio Immi, Valentina Macrina, Silvana Mariniello, Roberto Morellini, Vito Palladino, Lorenzo Poli, Emanuele Profumi, Ilario Rezzi, Micaela Serino.

On June 9 of 2002,  in the Goree Island, off Dakar, with the control of Joseph NDiaye, curator of the House of the Slaves, Plexus International started to measure and map the advancement of the sea erosion in front to the Door of No Return.  Then, the data and docuemntation were exposed at the Triangle of Art event, held in the old City Hall of the Medina of Dakar. The measurement was made by Egidio Grasso,Sandro Dernini, Assane Mbaye, Micaela Serino, Alberto Soi, Silvana Mariniello, Eraldo Ridi, Andrea Corti, Silvia Pellegrini.

Plexus-Medina invites all the artists "in the first person" to participate to the Triangle of Art organized at the municipality of Medina-Dakar, from June 7 to June 9, 2002, within the DakArt Off of the Biennal of Contemporary African Art that to is held in Dakar from May 10 to June 10, 2002.First and foremost let me tell you that this is more than another communication, it is a dialogue among artists.  It is a compression of time and space for the reconstruction of the beauty of truthfulness in the global lyrics of liberty and peace...

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