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Plexus International 1991
Plexus Colombina Reconciliation Project, Carloforte

At the end of January of 1991, in Rome, at the Church of the Madonna of the Good Voyage, it was presented the symbolic departure of the Colombina Reconciliation Project by Silvio Betti, on board  the second little toy boat, renamed Colombina.  It was made on the occasion of the baptism of Rodolfo Maria Dernini, son of Maria Pia Marsala and Sandro Dernini, celebrated by Mons. Dante Balboni, in the presence of the Ambassador of Senegal in Italy, S.E. Youssouph Baro.  The toy boat was made by Silvio Betti as a symbolic art messenger of reconciliation and well-being. On a sail side, there was his 1986 Eve ticket made in New York, with a digital watch with world clock times. On the other sail side, there was the image of the painting The Flagellation  of Piero della Francesca. On its bottom, there was the blueprint of the computer retina device of George Chaikin, used in 1989, in Rome, at the Metateatro to drive the Columbus route towards the discovery of the  Planet of Art, next to the 1986 Purgatorio Show’s image and to a digital watch with world clock times

From Colombina Reconciliation Project by Silvio Betti:

There are places in the world where spirituality still lives: Delphi, Jerusalem, Konia, Assisi, Chichenitza, Goree, Kilberley, Porbandar.  There are Piazze, Hospitals, Libraries, Prisons, Forests, Mountains, where people live their every day life. Colombina, a symbolic toy boat, will connect all these places with S.Peter Island, Sardinia, to promote, with a network of cultural events, a new consciousness about our universal and interdependent patrimony. The Colombina Reconciliation Project, as a contribution to the Well Being Forum, will be a catalyst to generate the necessary collective energy to perform highly idealistic and poetical “well being” actions.  I propose to have the United Nations as a point of reference for the promotion and diffusion of all the program in support of the quest for a “Well Being World” without discrimination of Art, Culture and Religions. The voyage of Colombina will be documented with a limited edition of post-cards and a catalogue.

On March 25, in Rome, at the International Institute of Epistemology “La Magna Grecia”, it was established the Italian Committee of the 1992 CCC. It was made with the purpose to organize in 1992 in the Island of San Pietro the Well Being Columbus Reconciliation Forum, by prof. Saverio Avveduto, president of the International Institute of “la Magna Grecia”and cultural adviser of the Vice Prime Minister of Italy, as chairman of the Committee, prof. Francesco Aymerich, president of the Consortium CIFRA, as vice chairman, dean Carlo De Marco of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, S.E. Ambassador Youssouph Baro of the Republic of Senegal in Italy, Franco Meloni  and Augusto Rinaldi of the University of Cagliari, Renato Lazzari of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Mario Giancotti, vice president of the International Institute of “la Magna Grecia”, Leopoldo Durante, representative of the City of Carloforte, Nadia Guareschi, general secretary of the International Institute of “la Magna Grecia”, in charge of external relations, and Sandro Dernini as general secretary of the Committee. In May, in Cagliari, at the Auditorium of the Sciences Building of the University of Cagliari, Franco Meloni organized the round table “Role of the Mediterranean Information for a Change of Route towards the Well Being in the XXI Century”, with the participation of Silvano Tagliagambe, Francesco Aymerich, Sandro Dernini and Marco Mameli. Its purpose was  to raise a broader scientific consensus for the organization in the island of San Pietro of the Christopher Columbus Consortium international conference, to be held in 1992.

On June 29, in Rome, George Chaikin arrived at Sandro’s house with a new blueprint version of his Haddamard Matrix. Together with Giancarlo Schiaffini they performed the departure on board the Colombina boat of a Plexus Route Change Open Call. It was made as an invitation for a fleet of coordinated creative projects in support to the  Plexus Voyage of the Elisabeth to be held on the occasion of the 1992 Columbus event. Its purpose was the creation of a world wide network of reconciliation well being events towards a route change in the human use of the human being in the living planet.  On July 1 George and Sandro went to Sardinia where before in San Pietro Island met the Mayor and, the day after, George Chaikin presented at the Physics Department of the University of Cagliari, organized by Franco Meloni, his lecture “The Geometry of Consciousness”. On July 4, in the island of San Pietro, at the city hall of Carloforte, it was  presented formally to the Mayor Serafino Damico the proposal to organize in 1992 a Columbus Reconcilaition international conference on the theme of the Well Being in the XXI Century. The presentation was made by prof. Saverio Avveduto, president of the Italian Committee of the Columbus Consortium together with prof. Vincenzo Cappelletti, chairman of the scientific committee and vice president of the Institute of Italian Encyclopedia Treccani, and prof. Giovanni Lilliu of the Italian national academy of  Lincei and godfather of the Nuraghic towers of Sardinia, In early afternoon, on board the Elisabeth, it was staged an happening to present the Plexus International proposal of the Voyage of the Elisabeth to the House of the Slaves of Goree, to be performed in 1992 at the end of the Columbus Reconciliation international conference. It was performed the arrival of the Plexus Telematic Team with a fleet of creative cultural navigation proposals, arrived via fax from Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cagliari, Columbus (Ohio), Dakar, New York, Rome, Paris, Princeton, San Giovanni in Fiore, Sidney, Taby (Sweedn) Wien, Cabo Frio (Brasil). The Plexus Black Box was placed on board the big wood floating sculpture made by Ciro Ciriacono, that was carried at the center of the Carloforte harbour as a point of reference for the future cultural navigation of the Voyage of the Elisabeth and of its fleet of projects.  Inside the Plexus Black Box, there was the 1984 Open Call In Order to Survive, the 1986 Gaetano Brundu’s text “Plexus: The Artist in the First Person”, a new Plexus art money edition of 100.000 liras of Micaela Serino, and the letter of the Mayor of Carloforte to the Italian Committee of the Columbus Consortium to confirm the organization in the 1992 of the international conference. As closing act, it was performed the departure of the little toy boat Colombina. It was carried into the sky by a colourful kite of Guido Pegna. Leaving Sardinia, the Italian Committee of the Columbus Consortium expressed to Sandro Dernini its disagreement on the Plexus happening that interfered with the institutional setting of the presentation to the Mayor. Therefore, it was requested to not have any further Plexus International involvement in the organization of the 1992 international conference.  In the fall, Sandro Dernini, Franco Meloni, Stefano Asili,  Fabrizio Bertuccioli and Piero Cianflone went to Carloforte to recover with Carlo Dernini and his crew the floating sculpture of Ciro Ciriacono which was creating navigation problems in the harbour. The sculpture was placed at the station of the astronomical observatory of the University of Cagliari and on board Elisabeth it was placed the little Don Cherry’s Buddha statuette with the 1984 Call In Ordet to Survive. All other Plexus artworks were carried with the Plexus Black Bag, a shopping tool made by Micaela Serino, to Cagliari for the opening of the Plexus International Storage.