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Plexus International 1988
The Serpent, Act 2, New York

On November 11 of 1988, in New York, at the Snow Ben Room of Bobst Library of New York University, it was performed Il Viaggio del Serpente as second act of the Serpent travelling event It was sponsored by the Italian Institute of Culture and presented as an international interactive Italian evening of art, music, poetry and technology. It was made with the support of John Gilbert and Dinu Ghezzo in collaboration  with the Department of Art and Art Professions and the Department of Music and Performing Art Professions of New York University, the Department of Physics of the University of Cagliari and the Dax Group of Carnegie Mellon University. An art show was held by the Italian artists Marina Cappelletto, Antonia Carmi, Franco Ciarlo, Dionigi Cossu, Ivan Dalla Casa, Baldo Diodato, Cosino Di Leo Ricatto, Roberto Fabricciani, Manuela Filiaci, Dinu Ghezzo, Andrea Grassi, Gianfranco Mantegna, Renato Miceli, Beatrice Muzi, Luca Pizzorno, Renzo Ricchi, Elisabetta Zanelli. Ivan Dalla Tana presented his Nuclear Serpent, placed on the back of a three folder enlargement of the Manifesto group shot made in August at the House of the Slaves in Goree, to be carried again to Goree for the closing act of the Serpent, planned in December. A serpentine ritual procession was made by participant artists together with Miguel Algarin, Arturo Lindsay, Joanee Freedom, David Boyle, Stephen DiLauro, Lynne Kanter, following a red route designed on the floor by hundred copies of The Serpent Invitation to the Magic Island of Goree. It moved from the NYU Ben Snow Room entrance to a computer installation in which was displaced a 1992 Columbus Business Plan developed for the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus.  The interactive event started with Miguel Algarin and Arturo Lindsay singing on a phone call to Franco Meloni, at the University of  Cagliari.  Dinu Ghezzo followed by orchestrating on the phone a music happening. George Chaikin transmitted art images via fax with to Franco Meloni’s studio, where with Valeria Meloni, Antonello Dessi, Giovanna Caltagirone, Anna Saba, Andrea Portas, Grazia Medda, Stefano Grassi, Annamaria Caracciolo, Antonio Caboni, and Francesco Aymerich, he was also exchanging art images via fax and computers with Bruce Breland, Robert Dunn, Daniel Goldman, Jim Kocher, Philip Rostek, Nathania Vishnevsky, Matt. Wrbican of the Dax Group of Carnegie Mellon, in Pittsburgh. As closing action, in front the computer monitor with the 1992 Christopher Columbus Business Plan, Sandro Dernini wearing an anti-gas mask performed by phone the presentation of the program of the Serpent event travelling from New York to Dakar-Goree, via Sardinia.