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Buddha bronze Statuete 7cm x 12cm x 4cm  given by Don Cherry to Sandro Dernini 1984, New York, in support to In Order To Survive Call at the Shuttle Theatre, Lower East Side, New York

toy boat statuette in wood and canvas by Gaetano Brundu, 1988, Cagliari,
height 28 cm, width 27 cm, depth 7.5 cm

Colombina by Silvio Betti  1991, Roma wood and canvas, 28 cm x 27 cm x 7,5 cm

Last survived artists contributions at the Plexus Archives by Anna Guarnati, Raffaello Paiella, Michele Rosa, Valerio Immi, Marcello Brizzi, Eleonora del Brocco,   Gerard Pelszer,  for the Plexus World Art Bank

donated in 1996, at the special parallel event “ From Welfare to Well Being: Eating Art, Get the Best from Your Food, Food For All",  Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma, on the occasion of the First FAO World Food Summit.   1997 at the Plexus event Viaggio in the Planet Art 


Opere giacenti presso Sandro Dernini a Roma

 Anna Guarnati, pittura acrilica su tela, 50cm per 60cm

 Raffaello Paiella, pittura acrilica su legno,  50cm per 70cm

 Michele Rosa, pittura acrilica su legno, 40cm per 30cm


Mercello Brizzi, pittura acrilica su tela, 40cm per 60cm

 Valerio Immi, pittura acrilica su legno, 24cm per 62cm


Luca Pagni, fotografia b/n,  30cm per 40cm


Ilir Zefi,  pittura acrilica su tela, 50cm per 70cm

 Gerard Pelszer, disegno su carta, 47cm per 43cm

Gabriella Porpora,  Buddha stampa su carta riso,  30cm per 40cm

Donated by Fabrizio Bertuccioli in 1997 to Plexus, brought to Plexus Dakar in 2000  and returned to Rome in 20

 Fabrizio Bertuccioli 23 cm x 23 cm acrilico su tela

 Fanrizio Beruccioli, 24 cm x 29 cm acrilico su tela 

Plexus Art Slavery Manifesto, Affiche by  Seni Mbaye, Dakar, 2004 on manifesto made by Frank Shefreen 1988 New York 

 Paper 172cm x 145 cm  pittura acrilica


 Paper 200cm x 155 cm acrilic paint




1.     75 mq art work consisting of 12 strips of fabric with the six colors of the rainbow, 7 m long and 1.50 m wide, on which 708 original historical photocopies of the Plexus Metr'ART were glued, sent from 2005 to 2019 by 373 artists from many parts of the world

 2.   70 meters  linear long art work consisting of 227 original historical photocopies of the Plexus Metr'ART, joined together, sent in 2004 by 96 artists from many parts of the world.


Plexus Campboll’s Soup Can, a limited edition 100/100, 1988

Conceptual Art Work by Sandro Dernini, New York 1988

Serigraphed labels in paper 9 cm x 21 cm 

 A Limited edition 100/100 alluminium Cans 7cm x 10cm,  1988


Plexus Mail Stamps (Francobolli)



Lire 2500 serigraphed paper, 27cm x 31cm                 Lire 1550 serigraphed paper, 27 cm x 27cm




Made in the 80 for the 90

Artwork Roberto Federici, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Sandro Dernini, 1988 con contributo nel 1989 di Antonio Caboni,  ri-elaborata nel 1990 da Micaela Serino, Roma  Wood box 70cm x 38 cm


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