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Plexus Campboll’s Soup Can, a limited edition 100/100, 1988

Conceptual Art Work by Sandro Dernini, New York 1988

Serigraphed labels in paper 9 cm x 21 cm 

 A Limited edition 100/100 alluminium Cans 7cm x 10cm,  1988

toy boat statuette in wood and canvas by Gaetano Brundu, 1988, Cagliari,
height 28 cm, width 27 cm, depth 7.5 cm


Plexus Mail Stamps (Francobolli)



Lire 2500 serigraphed paper, 27cm x 31cm                 Lire 1550 serigraphed paper, 27 cm x 27cm




Plexus Storage Call New York by Gaetano Brundu, 1992

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