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Butch Morris

 February 10, 1947 – January 29, 2013


1984, Lower East Side, New York


1985, Lower East Side New York

1986, Lower East Side New York



Video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfW5i1ZtPG0

1993  Lower East Side New York


1994, New York University, New York

 My contribution to Plexus came from composing improvisation and conducting improvisation which deal with a community of improvisers and which lead to my definition of Plexus Black Box as a multidisciplinary way for vary kind of artforms to work together and for different artists to collaborate together. My first performing association with Plexus was with Goya's Time in 1985 and during this process came out the theory of the art opera which characterized Plexus collaboration. It was characterized by multiplex levels of perspectives of the event and its particular surroundings open to be followed in all possible direction by the audience.

The result became a cooperative art product of a collective imagination.  Plexus artform was truly about understanding a particular moment in time and history.  What was new in this artform is a significant individual collective art expression of different vision of the same idea as it was in Goya's Time presented by 23 visual artists. 

The artists working with each other was the big new artform in Plexus at the significant level of what they produced.  If this collective artcoopera model should be understood as a community based art project and performed experimentally as such in schools, it could produce significant collaborative results.

Transcript of the interview made the Sandro Dernini at the Angiola Churchill's Studio in New York, in November of 1994 for the NYU Ph.D Research Study on "Plexus Black Box".  It was approved by Butch Morris.


storyline 1984

storyline 1985

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