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Bruce Richard Nuggent

July 2, 1906 – May 27, 1987


Bruce Richard Nuggent, Honorary Plexus Chairman,  Fire!! Magazine, Black Artists Renaissance Movement Harlem 1926


  • August 25, 1984, New York, 523 East 6 Street.  In Order to Survive, a block association street event, performed by William Parker, Bruce Richard Nuggent, Sara Farley, Sandro Dernini, Roy Campbell, Jeemeel Mondoc, Arleen Schloss, David Street, Alfa Diallo, Giuseppe Sacchi, Miguel Algarin, Karl Berger, James Oliver Jones Jr., Dennis Charles, Nelson Oceundy.




February 27, 1986, New York, CUANDO.  Eve, an Art Opera, about Escape for Donna Purgatorius from 1986 Anno Domini by the Multinational Chain Gang of Downtown N.Y., with 220 artists, featuring Bruce Richard Nuggent, Honorary Plexus Chairman, as the Black Pope.





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