The Plexus Erosions and Renaissance show is a travelling cultural ecological navigation project to raise attention on the increasing forms of “erosions” underway in our living Earth planet.

Since 2004, Plexus International has started the traveling event “Erosions and Renaissance Show”  to raise attention on the  dramatic sea erosion of the Door of No Return of the House of the Slaves in Goree (Dakar), UNESCO World Heritage site, as symbolic “erosion” of  humankind universal memory as well as of all forms of “erosion”.


“Erosion”: This category includes not only genetic erosion and the erosion of species, soils and the atmosphere, but also the erosion of  knowledge, cultural diversity, human rights and the, freedom and peace. We are losing biological resources and traditional knowledge relating to the management of ecosystems and biodiversity” 


The exhibition is mounted on a number of large horizontal and vertical digital panels displaying  artworks and texts from around the world. It forms the skeletal spinal structure of a Plexus multi-perspectival program. It reflects an inclusive creative participatory community prism, culminating in ‘making history’ which aims to develop skills in interpretation of significant moments and their locations in history.


As outcome of the Erosions and Renaissance Show,  in 2006, on the occasion of the 2ndTriangle de l'Art Festival de la Medina of Dakar, a very long 623 feet roll-meter artwork was made with 418 digital art works, reproduced in A3 size photocopies and then united all together in a collective artwork, PLEXUS METR'ART,  from artists around the world  as their contributions tot he Erosions and Renaissance Show, and posted in the Plexus Virtual Gallery.

Since then, the Metr'Art is keeping growing as an ongoing Plexus collective artwork.


In 2021, 847  original photocopies from digital art contributions from 384 artists from all over the world were glued on  13 strips of fabric with the six colors of the rainbow, for a total size of 126 mq, were performed as an installation at  the Peace March in the Basilica of Assisi and then in 2023 at  the Village of the Earth, in Villa Borghese of Rome, on the occasion of the 2023 Earth Day, as a FLAG OF ART FOR PEACE TO STOP THE WAR AND TO SAVE THE PLANET