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Silvio Betti

Died 1994?



February 27, 1986, New York, CUANDO.  Eve, an Art Opera, about Escape for Donna Purgatorius from 1986 Anno Domini by the Multinational Chain Gang of Downtown N.Y., with 220 artists, Ticket card by Silvio Betti


  • September 4, 1986, Rome, Magazzini Generali.  For a New Cappella Sistina, a Plexus presentation by Sandro Dernini, Armando Soldaini, Silvio Betti.




Plexus Newsletter THE HORSE OF TROY



  • February 22, 1991, Rome, Church Madonna del Buon Viaggio.  The Colombina Reconciliation Project by Silvio Betti, departed on board a toy boat  on the occasion of the baptism of Rodolfo Maria Dernini, celebrated by Monsignor Dante Balboni, with Maria Pia Marsala, Sandro Dernini, Rosa Sanfilippo, Carlo Totti and Youssouph Baro, ambassador of Senegal in Rome.

Columbina Reconciliation Project

There are places in the world where spirituality still lives: Delphi, Jerusalem, Konia, Assisi, Chichenitza, Goree, Kilberley, Porbandar.  There are Piazze, Hospitals, Libraries, Prisons, Forests, Mountains, where people live their every day life.

Colombina, a symbolic toy boat, will connect all these places with S.Peter Island, Sardinia, to promote, with a network of cultural events, a new consciousness about our universal and interdependent patrimony.  The Colombina Reconciliation Project, as a contribution to the Well Being Forum, will be a catalyst to generate the necessary collective energy to perform highly idealistic and poetical “well being” actions.  I propose to have the United Nations as a point of reference for the promotion and diffusion of all the program in support of the quest for a “Well Being World” without discrimination of Art, Culture and Religions. The voyage of Colombina will be documented with a limited edition of post-cards and a catalogue.

by Silvio Betti, Rome 1991

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