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Plexus International 2013


 On the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by reaffirming the art as a human right for all, against any forms of slavery, ancient and contemporary, Plexus International sends out the Open Call,  dedicated to Nelson Mandela,

“In Order to Survive- Perception/Awareness - All Human Rights for All”.


In the sign of the need to expand the perception of the world in which we live and in the consciousness of the everyday acting, behaviors and lifestyle choices, Plexus International invites all artists "to come on board" in the first person in the journey undertaken in a world increasingly inequitable and where the art has become a commodity, and as such a mean of control.

To participate:  Send to info@plexusinternational.org. in jpg format one concept-image  

All digital contributions will be published in the Plexus 

To participate:  Send, before 31January 2014, to info@plexusinternational.org. one concept-image (text and images for the moment) and if you are also interested to collaborate on it actively. All the artists who participated to the Plexus International events can also send their historical contributions to the Plexus Art Journey, from 1982 to 2013, and pre-history 1976-1981.

All contributions will be published in the Plexus Virtual Gallery.

All, symbolically, will fly through the Door of No Return of the House of Slaves on Goree, Dakar, carrying on the Call Rio+20 EARTH!!, launched in June 2012, in Rio de Jainero, from the Quilombo Community of Sacopa.

Long Walk to Freedom

 Nelson Mandela

Stefano Asili
Valery Oisteanu
Arturo Lindsay
Hadassah Berry
Graziano Bracale
Anna Saba
 Domenico Masotti
Giorgio Fiume
Maggie Reilley
Garrick Beck
Micaela Serino
Naja Campanini
Loreto Papadia
Fabrizio Bertuccioli
Franco Meloni
Sandro Dernini
Ray Kelly
Judy Levi
James Love Cornwell IV
Frank Shifreen
Raffaello Paiella
Laura Martufi
 Bara Diokhane
mitch ross
Pilar Castel
Louis Lopes
carlo volpicella
The Voyage of the Elisabeth by David Ecker for ISALTA
Alessandra Menesini
Silvana Mariniello
Simona Sarti
Barnaby Ruhe
 Glaucia Coelho Demenjour
Cicci Carlo Borghi
Carleton Palmer
Andrea Portas
Naja Campanini e Fiorella Giochino
Alfa Diallo
Willem Brugman
Vittorio Terracina
 Carlo Volpicella
Mitch Ross
Hadassah Berry
Franco Meloni
Anna Saba
Giorgio Fiume
Simona Sarti
Martina De Angelis
Andrea Portas
Domenico Masotti
Vittorio Pisu
Andrea Mameli
Carlo " Cicci" Antonio Borghi
Eleonora del Brocco
Luisa Mazzullo
Arianna Galeazzi
Raffaello Paiella
Micaela Serino
Roberto Villani and Imma Tuosto
Corrado Demurtas
Stefano Asili
Hadassah Berry
Stephen DiLauro
Eve Vaterlaus