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Ark of Well Being 1995

On December 15-17 of 1995, at the University of Cagliari, it was organized the 2° International Well Being Reconciliation Forum on Navigating Global Cultures: Strategies for the Well Being in the XXI Century  by the  Interdepartmental Well Being Centre. The second symposium by looking at the well-being as an openness to the richness of differences in the planet had the aims to develop multi-disciplinary approaches to well-being, building bridges across cultures through art, science and communication. The  target of the second symposium was to identify...

On October 13 of 1995, in the port of Cagliari,  it was held a press conference by Franco Meloni on board the Elisabeth to present the next event planned for the Ark of the Well Being in the island of S. Antioco, in the south west of Sardinia.  The new navigation event  had the two purposes: the first one was to promote the safeguarding of  the living masters of ancient wood Latin boats  under  the risk of extinction of these traditions as well as of others in Sardinia; the second one was  to overcome through art the physical limitation made...

On October 12 of 1995, Columbus Day, at the Palazzo delle Scienze of the University of Cagliari, it was presented by Franco Meloni, Sandro Dernini and Francesco Corongiu, the departure of the Navigating Global Cultures project made in collaboration with New York University and the Cooper Union. It was performed an experimental internet face to face exchange conducted from Cagliari to New York by George Chaikin and Guido Pegna. Then, Salvatore Naitza presented the Voyage of the Nuraghic Ark of the Well Being.

On June 20 of 1995, in Cagliari, the “Comitato Promotore Consortium Well Being Progetto Sardinia” was legally established at the Well Being Interdepartimental Centre of the University of Cagliari by: Giovanni Lilliu (chairperson of the Scientific Committee), Sandro Dernini (chairperson of the Committee ),Franco Meloni (coordinator of the Well Being Interdepartmental Centre),  Salvatore Naitza, Guido Pappalardo, Walter Porcedda, Pietro Zambelli, Paola Atzeni, Marinella Ferrai Cocco Ortu and Giulio Concas...

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