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Plexus International 1995
2° International Well Being Symposium Navigating Global Cultures: Strategies for the Well Being in the XXI Century, Cagliari

On December 15-17 of 1995, at the University of Cagliari, it was organized the 2° International Well Being Reconciliation Forum on Navigating Global Cultures: Strategies for the Well Being in the XXI Century  by the  Interdepartmental Well Being Centre. The second symposium by looking at the well-being as an openness to the richness of differences in the planet had the aims to develop multi-disciplinary approaches to well-being, building bridges across cultures through art, science and communication. The  target of the second symposium was to identify specific actions and possible resources in priority areas, such as hunger and education, from which to start to create a new philosophy of well-being - more in agreement with the cultural diversity of the people.

From Global Navigations by Franco Meloni, Coordinator Interdepartmental Well Being Centre, University of Cagliari:

Global Navigations. A name that inspires spaces, borders and possible targets. A name that  represents a step in the evolution of an attempt to compare different cultures and peoples. Any of them with a proper character , to obtain a vision more complete to solve some problems always present with their fascinating complexity. The big discovers and the reached aims make confident in a possible progress of all the social components through a progressive improvement of our way of living. But if an insight of the new poverty fixes one dollar as a daily resource of billion people today, with which false security is it possible to face the solution of an equal distribution of the richness when enormous differences concern the lives of a lot of people. The methods, the weapons/he determinate will to act can and must come from the right components though of as critical consciousness of the society. First among them the University, for the knowledge that should represent and for the mixing of cultural relationships that could realise. Art should have the same importance if we think that only with a complete connection of reasons and feelings it is possible to realise unthinkable projects. For Art and Science is written on the main entrance of the Cooper Union School of Architecture in New York, and the memory goes to the speech about the freedom of slaves by Abraham Lincoln. In the same sense of this speech, supported by reason for a fair human cause, the research trail of the right instruments to modify and to interpret the reality around us must be based on a scenario that can change name, and from PLEXUS we can arrive to Well Being, but must maintain coherently the route that through tracings in the mind and in the time not always linear, takes to the definition of the proper responsible role in the life.


At the end of the Symposium, on December 17, by all participants it was decided the establishment of the Consortium for the Well Being in XXI Century.  The Consortium's purpose to promote a broader dissemination of  the well being concept, with particular focus on the right to nutritional well being as central of its activities, towards a new ethical model for a democratic human development, in the conviction that the effort made by the U.N. international organizations should be supported in direction to the 1996 FAO the World Food Summit.

Participants were: Giovanni Liliiu,Carlo De Marco, Carlo Cannella, David Ecker, Miguel Algarin, Arturo Lindsay, Sandro Dernini, Glauco Benigni, Franco Meloni, Francesco Corongiu, George Chaikin, Enrico Casadei, Aldo Landi, Earl S. Davis, Augusto Rinaldi, Bruno Anatra, Giuseppe Puggioni, Asha Williams, James Winchester, Giovanni Panatta, Tito orrù, Mico Licastro, Nicola Froggio Francica.