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Plexus International 1987
Bring Your Serpent, Cagliari

On February 13 of 1987, in Cagliari, at Antonello Dessi’s art studio, Gaetano Brundu, Franco Meloni, Carlo Antonio Borghi, Anna Saba, Randi Hansen, Luigi Mazzarelli, Piernicola Cocco, Luciano Rombi, Enrico Pau and Antonello Dessi staged Bring Your Serpent.  It was made intentionally outside the usual setting of art galleries, to promote the coming there of the Serpent event, boarding the Plexus art slaves’ boat in the follows summer. Bring Your Serpent became the Plexus catchword for launching an open call invitation for all artists to participate with their creative contributions, without any art critics’ selection or discrimination. Then, after the event of Fusion Arts in New York, n Sardinia, at the Physics department of the University of Cagliari, Franco Meloni began his collaboration with Bruce Breland of the Dax Group of Carnegie Mellon in the direction of connecting the Plexus Serpent event from side to side the academic computers network Bitnet, at that time Internet had not existed as we use it yet.As a celebration for freedom in art communication, it was wished-for dedicate the 1987 Plexus Serpent event at the 100 years remembrance of the electromagnetic waves’ discovery by Heinrich Hertz.To manage the organization in Sardinia of the Plexus event,  in Cagliari, the non profit cultural organization Il Serpente di Pietra  was established  by Cicci Borghi, Gaetano Brundu, Franco Meloni, Anna Saba, Antonello Dessi, Stefano Asili, Randi Hansen, with president Mariangela Sedda.