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Plexus International 1987
Fusion Arts+Plexus, New York

On January of 1987 in New York, Shalom Newman organized at his Fusion Arts space in Stanton Street a happening to promote the printing of the Plexus Purgatorio Art Book, made by one-page size artworks, collected in 1986 at the Plexus Art Opera Eve. Paolo Buggiani performed with his Minotaur sculpture in fire the departure of the art book boarding the Plexus art slaves’ boat, with Gretta Sarfaty  There, Bruce Breland, director of the Digital Art Exchange Group (DAX) of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, enjoyed the idea to connect via computers the Sardinia Serpent event with artists from all over the world.  The DAX Group was a pioneer in this experimental field; they also collaborated with the NASA to exchanging art images through the shuttle Challenger on 1985.