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PLEXUS INTERNATIONAL OPEN CALL THE VOYAGE OF THE ELISABETH, dedicated to David Ecker and Dinu Ghezzo, 2 August 2014, The Loewe Theatre, New York University, New York

2 August 2014

The Loewe Theatre 

7.30 - 9.00 PM

New York University, New York

On the occasion of the NYU 2014 IMPACT Programme (Interactive Multimedia Performing Arts Collaborative Technology), a summer transformative students experience at NYU Steinhardt School, New York, Plexus International invite all artists in the first person as artists as researchers to participate to “The Voyage of the Elisabeth”, a collaborative and interactive performance as a tribute to two historical players: Dinu Ghezzo (Il Viaggio del Serpente, Plexus International 1988, New York University) and David Ecker (The 1992 Christopher Columbus Consortium, Plexus International, 1989,  New York University) and internationally acclaimed art and music educators. It is made in collaboration with ISALTA-International Society for the Advancement of Living Traditions in Arts, NYU IMPACT Program and Art Intendo.


This 2014 Plexus CALL, dedicated to the Freedom of Art, Expression and Communication, is a follow up of the 2013 Plexus Call BRING YOUR LIGHT:   Perception and Awareness / All Human Rights for All, dedicated to Nelson Mandela, and of the 2012 Plexus Call RIO+20 IN ORDER TO SURVIVE EARTH!! dedicated to the sustainability of the our planet and of the living traditions of the Quilombola Community of Rio de Jainero, and it is addressed towards the development of the Plexus Art Co-Opera n.5 the ART SLAVERY CARGO VOYAGE, on 10 December 2014, in Cairns, Australia and Gavoi, Sardinia, dedicated to the 1988 Plexus Art Slavery Manifesto against any form of slavery, ancient or contemporary.