Nutrire l’Arte: Gagarin Asta, Rome

On May 9 of 2006, at the Solea Club, in San Lorenzo, Rome, it was held the fund raising  Gagarin Auction conducted by Glauco Benigni in support to the 3° Triangle of Art Festival, planned in the Medina of Dakar, from 19 to 21 May 2006, within the DakArtOff. It was organized by Mario Giancotti, Micaela Serino and Sandro Dernini, Selen Milcot Project by Sebastian Comelli and Leonardo Milani, Roberto Palermo, and artworks by Kre MBaye, Seni MBaye, Morin Diop, Alioune Badara Fall dit Prof,  Hamidou Sall dit Sall Amewa, Alain Coulibaly, Micaela Serino, Luisa Mazzullo, video recording by Gabriel Benigni. Cards by Micaela Serino.