03/12/2014 - Plexus Art Co-Opera # 5 Cargo Art & Food without Borders 10 December 2014, Human Rights Day, Cairns, Australia

Plexus Art Co-Opera 5 CARGO – ART & FOOD WITHOUT BORDERS – LOOKING FOR PARADISE, presented by The Centre for Australasian Theatre and Plexus International, in collaboration with Nutricion sin Fronteras

An International Traveling Art and Science and Technology Event

Anti-libretto by Willem Brugman and Sandro Dernini

Multi Media Performance by Centre for Australasian Theatre:

Catherine Hassall, Willem Brugman, Dobi Kidu,Zelda Grimshaw, Piers Freeman, Chiko Eko-Supriyanto, Jim Gosden,Dave Masters,Paul Barron, Blake Hudson, Clarissa Marchetto, Rosie Browning, Chris Browning, Miyako Masaki, Satoshi Masaki, Kei Kurihara, Theo Tremblay, Paloma Ramos.


Music by Giancarlo Schiaffini, Butch Morris, Don Cherry,....

Poetry by Alfa Diallo, Miguel Algarin,....

Cargo artwork design by Rosie Browning

Video by Paul Barron, Photographs by Rosie Browning





In the sign of the need to expand the perception of the world in which we live and in the consciousness of the everyday acting, behaviors and lifestyle choices, you are invited "to come on board", in the first person, in an International Traveling Art and Science and Technology Journey looking for a Paradise with “Art and Food without Borders”.


A modular construction with 60 seconds interactive Skype ethno-realities from Cairns to Rome, Cagliari-Sardinia, Dakar, Rio de Janeiro, Gambia, Barcelona, London, New York, New Delhi, Jerusalem, Amsterdam, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Bari (Italy), South-Africa... and more…


To participate: Send, before 7 December 2014, to willem@australasiantheatre.org and cc to info@plexusinternational.org. your expression of interest to partecipate via skype for 60 seconds within the 60 minutes PLEXUS ART COOPERA n.5



In Order to Survive, The Voyage Continues...in Solidarity


Centre for Australasian Theatre

Guillaume ‘Willem’ Brugman, willem@australasiantheatre.org



Plexus International

Sandro Dernini s.dernini@tiscali.it