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Since 2005, on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, Plexus International has been promoting through Open Calls - All Human Rights For All - a change of direction in the perception and awareness of our common being in our planet, perceived as a single interconnected and interdependent living organism.
Plexus International has been organizing since 2004 the international traveling artistic event, EROSIONS AND RENAISSANCE Show, in several stages and in various symbolic places of the world which, starting from the sea erosion of the “Door of No Return" of the House of Slaves of Gorée, Dakar, as a symbol of the erosion of the historical memory of humanity, of the natural and cultural heritage, of human rights, of freedom and peace for all in the world, rejecting all wars and all forms of slavery, ancient and contemporary, with the overpowering of the strongest over the most defenseless.
This art journey, through Plexus Open Calls from 2004 to 2019, gave birth to Plexus Metr'Art, a monumental historical art co-work of contemporary art, made up of 390.94 meters of original photocopies of reproductions of 935 digital works (jpg) sent to Plexus International by 469 artists from all over the world, traveling physically and virtually between Gorée and Dakar (Senegal) - Ballarat and Cairns (Australia) - Lecce, Rome, Cagliari, Passo del Furlo (Italy) – New York , Palma de Gran Canaria, Rio de Janeiro Jerusalem, Rome, Assisi.
The Plexus Metr'Art is the artistic testimony of a historical art journey, which began in 1986, in the community of the Lower East Side of New York with the departure of the Plexus art co-opera “Eve” as the escape of a metaphorical slave ship from the control of the Art World, performed by 220 artists from multiple artistic expressions. Journey that landed in 1987, in the nuragic time of Gavoi, Sardinia, with 160 artists of 23 nationalities, to give life to the First International Art Slave Market Show for Freedom of Expression and Communication, connected with a network of computers in various parts of the world (this was before the internet existed).
In 1988, at the House of Slaves in Gorée-Dakar, the Plexus International Art Slavery Manifesto Open Call was launched, with an open letter to all artists in the world inside and outside the geography of the art world or on the margins of the art system.
Journey that landed again, in 2008, at the Door of No Return of the House of Slaves, with the Open Call for the Safeguarding of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Humanity, and in 2012 relaunched on the occasion of RIO+20, by the Community of former slaves of the Quilombola Sacopa of Rio de Janeiro, with the Open Call for the Safeguarding of the Living Traditions of Planet Earth.
In 2021, Plexus Metr'Art created the Plexus Metr'Art Flag of Art for Peace, 126mq - 12 stripes with the six colors of the rainbow, 7 m long and 1.50 m wide, on which 708 photocopies were glued originals of the Plexus Metr'ART, presented in the PerugiaAssisi Peace March 2021, on the wall of the Basilica of San Francesco. In 2023, the Flag of Art was set up at the Village for the Earth, Villa Borghese, Rome, on the occasion of Earth Day 2023.
Plexus has positioned art in the "community", a vital part of the larger reality in which we all live. A global cultural navigation that has connected art, as an essential element for human evolution, to the improvement of the quality of life for everyone. – to the “good of being” (well-being), as a human right for all; a conscious way of living, individual and collective, overcoming the categorizations of the Art World, uniting artists of different artistic expressions, languages, cultures and geographies distant from each other, but bearers of different and common values.
Since its inception, in 1982 in New York, Plexus International has turned to experimental artistic research into alternatives to enhance the human experience through sustainable social, environmental and economic change, imagined and explored through the artistic practice of Plexus Multi-Art Co-Operas, interactive artistic global events.
More info, with the complete history and chronology of Plexus International, with all the names of the many artists, over 1000, who participated, from 1982 to 2022, on
The Voyage continues…