Voyage Through the Door of No Return, Rome

On November 14 of 2000, at the Complesso Ministeriale San Michele a Ripa, Rome, it was held the round table “Human Rights for All: Drop the Debt of the Poor Countries, A Voyage through the Door of No Return.”  It was chaired by Mons. Dante Balboni, rector of the Complesso Ministeriale San Michele and chairperson of the organizing committee of the consortium for the 21 Century,  with the participation of: Pietro Monni, permanent representative of the Vatican at the World Tourism Organization; Achille Bonito Oliva, art crtitic; Katia Miranda-Saleme, United Nation Information Centre-Rome; Karim Diuff, Embassy of Senegal in Italy; Glauco Benigni, journalist;  Sandro Dernini, coordinator of Plexus International.  Then, Baldo Deodato presented his special limited edition Art Market in support to the Plexus project of the opening  in the Goree Island of the World Art Ban.