Plexus Cultural Navigation Art & Science, New York

In October of 1993, in New York, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the 1992 Columbus Reconciliation Forum, Franco Meloni, Anna Saba, Antonello Dessi, Guido Pegna, Alessandra Menesini, Andrea Portas, Annamaria Janin, Giovanna Caltagirone, Amat di Salfilippo (from the family that hold the Colombina boat) arrived from Sardinia. The Dean of the School of Sciences of the University of Cagliari, prof. Francesco Corongiu, was with them for a series of meetings at NYU and with the International Well Being and Reconciliation Committee. On October 13, at the NYU Barney Bldg, with Dean Francesco Corongiu and Franco Meloni, coordinator of the new Interdepartmental Well Being Center of the University of Cagliari,  it was organized the fourth round table of the NYU Lower East Side Summer Institute, with the participation of Francesco Corongiu, Franco Meloni, David Ecker, Sandro Dernini, Earl S. Davis, Jose Rodriguez and David Boyle,  to develop an agreement of collaboration for a cultural navigation project between the two academic institutions towards the upcoming 1995 Marconi celebrations.