The Serpent, Act 1, New York

On November 3 of 1988, in New York the Purgatorio Show ’88 opened at C.U.A.N.D.O. It was presented as a community call for the freedom in art. The Purgatorio Show 88 was presented as first act of The Serpent,  planned in five acts in five different places: New York, Carloforte, Cagliari, Dakar and Goree.  It featured Lorenzo Pace, Miguel Algarin, Shock Troop Theatre, Garrick Beck, Jose Rodriguez, Pat Geri Russel, Stephen DiLauro, Arturo Lindsay, Lynne Kanter, Joanee Freedom, Mitch Ross, Sandro Dernini Leonard Horowitz, Wess Power, Tony Noighera and the Loisada Samba Band, Andrea Grassi, Alfa Diallo, David Boyle, Sara Jackson, Maggie Reilly, Michael Keane, Andrea Grassi, Eve Taitelbaun. David Boyle and Joanee Freedom printed the Plexus t-shirts, with graphics made by Richard Milone, and Mitch Ross produced the Plexus Serpent pins to be freely distributed on Plexus  travelling to Senegal.  Lorenzo Pace, as the shaman from the 1987 Serpent of Stone, opened the event with the Loisada Samba Band of Tony Nogueira. The Shock Troop Theater performed the continuation of Eve escaping from the art market. Miguel Algarin performed the Nuyorican Poets Cafè chant with Josè Rodriguez with the Mickey Pinero’s Indian American statuette, performed the repatriation of the Plexus journey into the Lower East Side community.  A ritual Plexus photo group shot ended the event with Lenny Horowitz as the Marlboro Man dancing the Charleston.