Plexus Metr'ART is a historical witness of digital works that reproduced in photocopies have become original artfacts in their travelling between Dakar-Ballarat (Australia)–Lecce (Italy)–Rome-New York-Barcelona-Dakar- Passo del Furlo (Italy), Rio de Jainero, Jerusalem, Cairns (Australia)-Cagliari (Sardinia) and Rome. Original works, which in their historical journey 2004-2016, aboard the Plexus Metr'Art, have transformed an assemblage of “poor photocopies into a work of art. 

Plexus Metr' ART is a multi-prospective compression of visual contributions of disparate nature and provenance, to measure symbolically all forms of growing erosion in the planet, starting from the sea erosion of Door of the No Return of the House of the slaves of Goree, Dakar, as a symbol of the erosion of the historical memory of Humankind, from the erosion of our natural and cultural heritage to the erosion of human rights,  freedom and peace in the world.

All digital works are exhibited in Plexus Gallery.