On September 23 of 1988, in New York, in the loft of Carmen Miraglia in Soho, Sandro Dernini presented the new labels of his Plexus Campboll Soup Can, conceived as a limited edition of 100 time capsules to recall his 1987 Andy Warhol’s dematerialization performance. The Plexus label was designed by Robert Kern and printed by Maggie Reilly of Ram Studio. It looked like a Campbell Soup Can, with a little fine difference, instead of Campbell’s, it was written with the same character Campboll’s. At the center, there was a circular black frame within the white image of the head of Andy Warhol, on top of which was written Dematerialized.  On the top left side, there was written Ingredients:  History of Modern Art, Volume One, FoodArt International, and symmetrically, at the other top right side, was written Direction: Eating Art.

Their purpose was to raise funds for the continuation of the Plexus voyage to Dakar/Goree.

In the Lower East Side,  in front the burned building of The Shuttle Theatre, with Joanee Freedom, Garick Beck, Judy Levy and other historical Lower East Side community witness, Sandro Dernini performed in the street a community Plexus International report from Plexus voyage in Rome, in Sardinia and Dakar.

On the walls of the burned Shuttle Theatre, he staged, as a compressed billboard, a large quantity of photos from the Plexus Art Slavery Manifesto, with the image of the House of the Slaves of Goree at the centre of the boxing ring poster used for the second Plexus International Art Slavery Manifesto Group Shots,  made on June 15, at the Metateatro Theater, in Rome