The Voyage of the Serpent Art Slaves Boat, Dakar

In early December of 1987,  the voyage of the Plexus Serpent Art Slaves arrived in the Medina of Dakar, in rue 17 angle 8, at the house of Assane, Kre and Seni MBaye, managed by the two big sisters Awa and Marcel, with Fatoumata, the young Awa’s daughter. There, with Langouste MBow, Kre and Assane MBaye, the Nuraghic ritual re-materialization of the printed Passport for Plexus Serpent was performed by Sandro Dernini. The Plexus art slaves’ voyage was promoted through the local artists of the Medina community. Therefore, in order to increase the necessary institutional support for moving toward the House of the Slaves in Goree, on December 23 of 1987, in the Medina, at the Auditorium INSEPS, at the Iba Mar Diop Stadium, Assane M’Baye with Youssouph Traore, president of the Club Litteraire David Diop, and with Pathe Diop, chief of the Golf Sud, it was organized a press conference to present the project of the Plexus International Art Slaves Journey to land  in 1988 at the House of the Slaves of Goree. Close to the speakers, on the chairs facing the public, instead of people, there were sitting only paintings of Langouste and Kre MBaye, as a critical statement against the formal institutional setting off in Dakar for art exhibitions.


From the introduction of Youssuoph Traore:

I would like to present an artistic and scientific project, concerning practical aspects and metaphors; it is the complex aspects of Plexus, conceptual denomination of this project. Therefore, we will give you briefly his profile. Plexus is a project of an international structure of communication for artists and scientists interested in the interaction of art and science within the everyday life. Born in 1982 in New York, Plexus has evolved considerably in the realm of the experimental and interdisciplinary research. Since 1985, it never stopped to stimulate the mutual process of artistic and scientific cooperation.  Cooperation realized by the critic dialogue without barriers with the use of the technology. Next to these practical aspects, Plexus has other dimensions more or less complex, place for reflection, and for information.  It is the place of the metaphor of the Serpent, understood as a multilateral mean of accelerated communication.