Cibus, Parma

On May 12 of  2010, at the Cibus Fair, in Parma, International Conference “EXPO 2015 - FEEDING THE PLANET: NUTRITION, WELL-BEING, BIODIVERSITY & SUSTAINABILITY” was organised by Federalimentare, Confindustria,  Ciiscam, INRAN with the technical collaboration of the FAO Nutrition and Consumer Protection Division as drivers of the conference that is held within the framework of the Cibus food Fair. Cibus is the most important food exhibition in Italy with about 2000 company stands, 120.000 visitors and a thousand buyers from 55 countries and international journalists. Parma is the heart of the Italian Food Valley, where is located also the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The International Conference was focused on following issues:


a. The Italian Food System, based on the respect of environment, on the sustainability of food production and on the healthy Mediterranean Diet & Italian Life Style, as model to enhance industrial development of emerging Countries;


b. Social Responsibility to enhance companies and consumers’ awareness of a social responsible behaviour. This is an important feature that Developed Countries can transfer to Emerging Countries;


c. Biodiversity as an opportunity that Industry should be able to emphasize on a nutritional taste and organoleptic point of view in order to stimulate new process and consumption  patterns;


d. Research & Innovation and Training by showing factors that makes Italy in the vanguard of food quality and safety product management “from farm to fork”, to   enhance technological transfert with emerging Countries.