Erosions and Renaissance Show Act 7, Viterbo, Italy

On the occasion of the First International CIISCAM Conference, held on December 4 - 5, 2007, at the University of Tuscia, in the Exposition Hall of the Rectorate, it was placed The Ark of Well Being, a pavilion curated by Plexus International in which was presented the Act VII of the travelling event “Erosions and Renaissance Show”. The Act VII was addressed to the erosion of our genetic diversity as well as to continue to raise  international awareness on the increasing sea erosion of the Door of No Return of the House of the Slave of Goree, in Senegal, as symbol of the all forms of erosions that are dramatically increasing in the living planet.   installations by Luisa Mazzullo, Micaela Serino, Paola Igliori and Massamba Fall Sy, Sandro Dernini.  New Virtual artworks by Simona Sarti, Archivo Vivo, Zach Pine. Poster by Sebastian Comelli.