1 CIISCAM Conference, Viterbo, Italy

On December 4 – 5 of 2007, at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo (Rome), within the Italian Official Celebration of the World Food Day, is held the First International CIISCAM Conference. The conference is co-organized by the CIISCAM (International Inter-University Centre for the Studies on Mediterranean Food Cultures), and Department of Ecology and Sustainable Development of the University of Tuscia, in cooperation with INRAN (National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition), Bioversity International, FAO Nutrition and Consumer Protection Division and Forum on Mediterranean Food Cultures.

The 1° International CIISCAM Confernce intends to serve to re-launch The 2005 Rome Call for a Common Action on Food in the Mediterranean in direction of the creation in the 2010 of the EuroMediterranean Free Trade Area. It has also the purpose  to carry forward a set of common actions, in direction to the countdown of 2010 International Year of Biodiversity with the common aim to reduce the increasing erosion of the diversity of Mediterranean food cultures heritage. In the Exposition Hall of the Rectorate, it will be placed The Ark of Well Being, a pavilion curated by Plexus International. It will present the Act VII of its travelling event “Erosions and Renaissance Show”, addressed to raise more international awareness on the increasing sea erosion of the Door of No Return of the House of the Slave of Goree, in Senegal, as symbol of the all forms of erosions that are dramatically increasing in the living planet.