Plexus Performance Space, 516 W. 25 St. Chelsea, New York

For New Year Eve 1982, Plexus rennovated loft was opened as a club by The Garden of Fuzz, a very successful party, featuring exotic entertainments performed by Ann Magnuson and John Sex, with champagne & French cuisine by Frederick Fontaine. But, the night club had a very short life.  The day after, due to many complaints from the neighborhood, the club was forced to stop its activities.

In early February 1983, a preview opening was held with  It’s not the Hat – It’s the Hair, a dance performance by Marika Blossfeldt. Then, on April 19,  the world premiere of Turtle Dreams by Meredith Monk opened the Plexus performance space, under the name of Plexus International Center for Urban Resources, with a full spring program featuring: Pavlov, a theatre performance directed by Charles Guarino, with Robert Younger, Abby Chevalley, Frances Goodwin, Stanley Kaplan, Charles Lanti, Marylyn Minter, Gerald Nichols, Jeanne Quinn, Cathy Stoopd; Cathode Cruel and  Birth, a new music and theatre performance by Fiction Music Theatre and Susan Landau;   Disorder/Discipline/Future, an art performance and 365 postcards exhibition by Gianfranco Mantegna; Boomba and  Mission Impossible, theatre performances by Ily Huemer; Spectre Nymph and Living Set, an dance performance by Ellen Fisher; Electronic Art Ensemble; Virg Dzurinko; Commedia dell’Arte by Mimoteatromovimento; Bagman Theater by Peter Muny; and Labyrinth, an art installation and performance by Paolo Buggiani.  

With Arleen Schloss, an experimental multimedia artist who was running A’s, an alternative space on Broome Street and Bowery, it was organized New Cohesions, featuring: Raw Sanivlam, a Cruel WarGame, an audiovisual performance by Giancarlo Schiaffini and Lorenzo Taiuti;  How She Sees It, an art performance by Arleen Schloss; Order Eat with Des’s Refuses, an art performance coordinated by Michael Kean; Moving Still Film, a film screening by Richard Sanca; Up & Down the Elevator, an art performance by Stephen Wischert;  Codes of Abstract Conduct, a new music performance by Craig Burk Group; Darts, a new music performance by John Zorn.

In June 1983, Roberto Brambilla and Gianni Longo decided to stop their partnership in Plexus. As landlords they asked to Sandro Dernini to start to pay a rent of  2500 dollar per month for the space if he wanted to continue the Plexus activities. He took the risk, and, in July, he produced Babylon Breakdown Babylon, a 3 days Reggae Festival, presented in collaboration with Black Nile Production, featuring, among many others Mojanya, Thomas Pinnock, Calabash, Kwame & Jahpan, Dreaklock Chronicle, and Mutabaruka. In the fall, he started Plexus 6 A Zone for the Next Zone, a multimedia art cabaret, with Mitch Ross as master of ceremony and promoter together with Silvie Texier. Plexus 6 staged installations and performances: Taking Off, an environmental painting by Pierre Dorion, Myrian La Plante and Aude Simard; The Third X-35 Hour Show by VAP Rafael and Arnold Wechsler; Rockercise: Rap+Breakers; Punkballet; Fire in Progress by Tracy Sherman; Stuart Sharp; Helene Guattary, Patrice Casanova; Joel-Sokolov; Fight Pain and Win by Doug Rowe; Salome by Maroon Azuri; and Westoxication, a screening of recent videos tapes by Willoughby Sharp, Susan Britton, Julie Harrison, Walfgang Staehle.