Erosions and Renaissance Show Act 4 Part 2, Barcellona

On March 8-9, 2006, World Women’s Day, in Barcelona, at the VI International Congress on the Mediterranean Diet the closing of the act 4 of the Erosions and Renaissance Show was  presented on board the Ark of the Well Being, in collaboration with the Foundation for the Advancement of the Mediterranean Diet. It was made to alert that hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity are eroding the cognitive  capacities of the world.  Instalaltion by  Anna Saba with artworks by Carlo Antonio Borghi and Antonello Dessi.  Virtual art works by Rolando Politi, Viviana Macias, Giovanna Gandini, Matilde Algamiz, Maria Ibanez, Elisabetta Piu, Eleonora del Brocco, Alberto Soi, Simona Sarti. Poster by Luisa Mazzullo.