Erosion and Renaissance Show Act 1, Goree-Dakar

From May 29 to June 8 of 2004, at the Municipality of the Medina, Dakar, on the occasion of the 2°Triangle of Art Festival, within the DakArtOff section of the Biennale of Contemporary African Art, it was launched the Erosions and Renaissance Show. It purpose was to raise attention of the increased sea erosion of the Door of No Return of the House of the Slaves in Goree, as symbol of the “erosion” of humankind memory as well of all other forms of erosions, from biodiversity to human rights, increasing in the living planet.  It was conceived as a traveling art project, to be staged in different parts of the world to collect on the theme of EROSIONS digital artworks, through the Plexus virtual gallery posted on www.plexusforum.net, and to be in the future united together all reprinted images in a collective artwork, like a roll-meter, to measure symbolically the erosion of the Door of No Return as well as all other increasing forms of erosions in the world. On June 4,  in the Goree Island, off Dakar, again with the control of Joseph NDiaye, curator of the House of the Slaves, Assane Mbaye and Sandro Dernini measured the advancement of the sea erosion in front to the Door of No Return.  Then, the data and documentation were reported and exposed at the 2° Triangle of Art Festival.