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Bring your photos, texts and videos of your participation in the Plexus International Historical Art Journey ...


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Plexus Artists:

Miguel Algarin, Alessandra Menesini, Fabrizio Bertuccioli, Carlo Antonio (Cicci) Borghi, David Boyle, Willem Brugman, Gaetano Brundu, George Chaikin, Sandro Dernini, Antonello Dessi, Alfa Diallo, Stephen DiLauro, Alber DiMartimo David Ecker, Frans Evers, Giorgio Fiume,  Leonard Horowitz, Ray Kelly, Arturo Lindsay, Paolo Maltese,  Luigi Mazzerelli, Kre MBaye, Assane MBaye, Franco Meloni, Butch Morris, Paola Muzzi, Okechukwu Odita, William Parker, Frank Pio, Rolando Politi, Andrea Portas, Jose Rodriguez, Mitch Ross, Barnaby Ruhe, Micaela Serino, Frank Shefreen, Eve Vaterlaus

University dissertations and books

Ph.D. Dissertation on "A Multicultural Aesthetic Inquiry into the Plexus Black Box, an International Community-Based  Art Project",  by Sandro Dernini, Art Education Program, School of Education  New York University, 1997

PLEXUS BLACK BOX BOOK by Sandro Dernini, Rome Sapienza University Press, 2007

Plexus Black Box book by Sandro Dernini, published by University Press of Rome Sapienza, 2007

Art Slavery from Plexus 80s, book by Sandro Dernini, published by the University Press of Rome Sapienza, 2010


Papers by the artists in the first persons:

Fabrizio Bertuccioli 

Antonio Carlo (Cicci) Borghi

 David Boyle

Aldo Braibanti

Willem Brugman

Gaetano Brundu

George Chaikin

Glaucia Coelho Demenjour

Sandro Dernini

Antonello Dessi

Alfa Diallo

Steve DiLauro

Albert DiMartino

David Ecker

Franz Evers

Giorgio Fiume

Leonard Horowitz

Annamaria Janin


Ray Kelly

Lynne Kanter

Arturo Lindsay

Paolo Maltese

Maria Pia Marsala

Luigi Mazzarelli

Assane M'Baye

Kre MBaye

Silvana Mariniello

Franco Meloni

Alessandra Menesini

Miguel Algarin

Butch Morris

Paola Muzzi

Okechukwu E Odita

Lorenzo Pace

 William Parker

Frank Pio

Rolando Politi

Andrea Portas

Josè Rodriguez

Mitch Ross

Barnaby Ruhe

Anna Saba

Giancarlo Schiaffini

Micaela Serino


Frank Shifreen

Eve Vaterlaus 

Traore Youssouph






Siège rue 17 x 08 Médina – Dakar /Tél: 777876290, 7741062 50 

Email : feuzcouly@yahoo.fr



The METR'ART is a historical multi-perspective artwork, 2004-2017, made by 778 digital art contributions of 330 artists, reproduced in A3 photocopy format and united together into a  287,60 meters long rollmeter.


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