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Plexus International 1998
III International Well Being Reconciliation Symposium, From Welfare to Well Being in the XXI Century, Carloforte, Sardinia

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it was decided to hold the Third International Symposium on Well Being in the 21st Century in Carloforte, where the First Symposium was organized in 1992 around the issue of Reconciliation, not only because it was the place of the controversial episode of Christopher Columbus' "change of course" but especially because of Carloforte's being the seat of ancient struggles for freedom from slavery, as well as being the site of the only Catholic church in the world dedicated to la Madonna dello Schiavo (Our Lady of the Slave). The Third Well Being Symposium, which is against all contemporary forms of slavery, wishes to make a concrete contribution to the international movement for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with the taking of the first steps in the twinning of the islands of San Pietro and Goree, Dakar. The 1998 Symposium is the third plenary verification and meditation on the pilot experience conducted during the Well Being Project, the intention of which was to work for a culture of peace and reconciliation. The aim of the three days of the Symposium, from the 25th to the 27th of September, is to continue to examine and

collect, in the Proceedings of the Symposium, the different reports presented so as to create a permanent scientific database in support of future studies on Well Being. The right to nutritional well being has been chosen as the central theme of this third international meeting with the aim of stimulating more wide-ranging scientific, cultural, economic and social consideration of the new models of human development, of the value of interdisciplinary cultural education and of the right of all peoples to satisfy their need for culture and art as the "food" of knowledge, development and for living together in peace, with mutual respect for cultural differences. The 1998 Symposium is a continuation of the discussion on nutritional well being that began in Rome in 1996, with the art event entitled " From Welfare to Well Being: Eating Art, Get the best from your food. Food for all "presented by the Consortium for Well Being, on the occasion of the World Food Summit. At the Symposium of Carloforte will be presented in advance the Italian version of the FAO initiative "Get the best of your food".

The Third Symposium, with its multicultural and interdisciplinary orientation, intends to stimulate exchanges of ideas concerning disciplines, institutions, communities and individuals, in an attempt to bring them closer together through the arts and sciences, thus reinforcing the sense of mutual respect essential for living together and appreciating differences. The agenda aims at highlighting the necessity of a direct, first-person involvement of local communities as well as the international community. With the presence in the program of the project Mediateca 2000 the Symposium wishes to underscore the decisive role that will be played by communications in the next millennium in improving the quality of life for everyone.